Now you know why you’ve never gotten an email about a new post. I started this blog mainly to get a WordPress ID to comment on other WordPress blogs easier. Until now, I never realized I had followers who stuck with an inactive blog. But when I moved from Blogger to my new WordPress site, I found where it stashed my followers. So I came here to find you and invite you to follow me at Sher A. Hart: Written Art. Its theme still has a few bugs, but its usable and closer in appearance to my Blogger site than this one.  It’s also self-hosted, so I’m not limited to linking to Rafflecopter instead of showing the form.

Soon, I’m going to export and import all my content and setup a bookstore for my author friends. Yea!

More important, I invite any other kid lit authors who’d like to join an author co-op to join me as blog partners.  Register as a subscriber at, email me, and I’ll promote you to author. We’ll cross-promote and share the marketing load via giveaways, social media, etc.

Thanks for visiting!