I am a freelance editor who charges starving author rates because I love to read and help others become better writers. I have an eagle eye for errors, know those nitpicky MFA in Writing rules, and prefer the Chicago Manual of Style.  I will send you links to help you learn the rules if I see a particular problem area. Please visit my website at sherahart.com for further information and to contact me.

I also review children’s books from picture books up through YA on my kidlit book blog, Sher A Hart: Written Art.  My blog partner Paul R. Hewlett and I take turns, so if one of us is too busy to review within two months, the other may be able to fit you in sooner.

Yes, I write too. I started and run an SCBWI critique group in panhandle Florida. We do every age group up through YA. If you live in Okaloosa County, please join us.  We meet in Niceville at the library.