Welcome to my wordpress blog. This is only a holding place for now. You can find my book review blog at Sher A. Hart: Written Art.

My editing website is Sher A. Hart.  If you need someone who charges starving author rates, knows all the nitpicky MFA in Writing rules, and has an eagle eye for mistakes, I’m your editor. I love to help writers improve their craft as much as I love to read well-written books, so if I see  problem areas, I’ll send you links to help you correct them. All of these benefits together mean you’ll save a lot of money in editing in the short and long run.

For book reviews, I have copied the following information from my book blog’s author page: Sher A Hart: Written Art : Author Hosting. To answer the question you might be afraid to ask: No, I do not crucify you for mistakes in your book. If there are so many I stop reading, I won’t post a review. Instead I will send you my kindle notes on mistakes so you can correct them. Unless the file took me over an hour to create, it’s free. The most I have ever subtracted for lack of editing is one star. The lowest rating I post on my blog is a 3 of 5 stars. That means I like your book. All other information is below.

Author Hosting


I am happy to host book tours, guest posts, and do interviews for any author of children’s fiction up through young adult if your book has been professionally edited. If not, I pre-screen because I want my readers to feel confident that they’ll find quality literature on my blog. Since some YA now has mature themes, note that all books must be family friendly. Inquiries are not necessary if you book fits the above criteria. On occasion I feature an adult SF or fantasy if it’s a clean read and the cast includes teens and children in an active role and positive manner. For these, please do inquire first.

Please send pre-written publicity (promotion) posts and interviews or guest posts in html format  to sherahart at gmail dot com. (See instructions at the bottom of this post.) This will save you a step and save me hours of time searching for links and downloading and uploading pictures. You can use this same html document over and over again to send other bloggers for book tours and the like. Sending a pre-written html post will help convince any reluctant blogger to feature your book because it’s one less post they’ll have to write. 

What to include:
1. book cover picture
2. blurb
3. book trailer (if you have one)
4. purchase links
5. short author bio
6. social media links such as website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.
7. contact information. You want fan letters, right?  At least fan emails.

I do book reviews, but the wait is longer. I read about two books per month because I split my reading and writing time. If your book is available through World Literary Cafe, I will  get to it faster and will post any 3+ star reviews on their board as well as Amazon and Goodreads. I may decline to review a book I consider 2 stars or lower. In such a case, I will ask if you want editing advice. I have contacts for all levels of editing and can give a referral if I’m too busy. If I like your book except for the errors, I may offer some editing in exchange for a critique instead of pay. *I now have a blog partner, Paul R. Hewlett, who can review much faster and our waiting time has decreased to about two months.

I recommend a book giveaway if you want better traffic for your post. I use book giveaway hops from Iamareadernotawriter.blogspot.com. Check the right sidebar, click any hop that looks like it will fit your book, read the rules, and then contact me at sherahart at gmail dot com to ask if I have that hop already scheduled. You can’t tell from the linky list because I put the author name in the hop instead of mine. First come, first serve. Authors who reply to readers’ comments during the giveaway will have a better chance of those readers buying their book. They will also stand a better chance of me inviting them back. 

If you decide to do a book giveaway, I will use the first few Rafflecopter form entries for following my blog, commenting, and sharing on social media. You get to pick any more tasks the hop allows. Please send me the list and links in priority order. I will notify you of the winner’s name and email address when the hop concludes. It is your responsibility to get the book to the winner. I need to know whether you’re giving away a traditional book, ebook, or both, and how many. For a physical book, I need to know shipping limitations, as in US, US/Can or international. Please read my Author Giveaway FAQ page for more information.

Now for interview questions. I’m over the stage of wanting to know why you write and why you decided to go indie, although I’m always interested in who edited and or illustrated your book if  he/she or they did a great job. I think readers like character interviews and/or conversations best. I also think those work best to sell books. If you don’t want to send one of those, I want to know:

1. Why did you write this book (as opposed to another)?

2. Why would I want to read your story? (What makes your book unique or interesting?)

3. What are your main character’s greatest hopes, biggest fears, or both?

4. Author choice of questions: What would you like readers to know about your book?

5. What other books have you written for children (or are writing)?

You may add one or two questions from my original question list, but please focus on what readers would want to know. Please, no more than six questions in one post if a giveaway is included. Readers want to get to the giveaway once they’re excited to read your book.

Following my blog is not required, but it’s nice. I also have a blog button on my sidebar that looks like the picture below with code underneath that you can put on your sidebar for cross promotion. I’ve read a lot of books over the years, all the better to spot a great new story. I hope it’s yours!


HTML document creation instructions:


Don’t use Word because any pictures you include won’t transfer onto my blog even if you save it as a web page. Instead write your post on your blog, if you have one. Include all your links and pictures. If you don’t have a blog and don’t want one, you can sign up on Blogger and click the “private” button so no one but you will ever see your posts. You can then use the blog to create html documents. To do this, click the “new post” button, then write a post (under the compose button) with all your links and upload your pictures. Do not include background colors as those look bad on a dark blog. You don’t have to publish the post. Click “save” and “preview” to see how it would look online. Once you’re done, click the html button next to the compose button and copy all the code (including weird stuff like < and >) into a text document. Save it as .txt, .doc or .docx, and email that document to me as an attachment. If you use WordPress, after you write your post under the visual button, you must click the text button to see the html code and copy it.

As I mentioned above, you can send the same html document to every blogger. They can adjust as needed for their website (we don’t all have the same width or background colors) or use as is. Of course, once you’ve created your post you may decide to use a blog as part of your author platform. Just remember how much time it took to create one post and subtract that from your writing time each day.  If you’re interested, I’m looking for guest posters and/or collaborators to get back more writing time.Same genre rules as above. 

Please comment to let me know if this was helpful. Also check out the author giveaway FAQ page for more detailed information. Thanks!